About Us

About Us

BodyMind Wellness Kinesiology & Healing was formerly known as Balance Energy Kinesiology and is an Energy Kinesiology practice which was set up by Cecilia Ling, a Energy Kinesiology therapist and Bodytalk practitioner, in 2008 to provide holistic and natural therapeutic treatments using a variety of Energy Kinesiology treatments and Bodytalk. In 2015, it was renamed as BodyMind Wellness Kinesiology & Healing.


Our Mission

At BodyMind Wellness Kinesiology & Healing, our mission is to assist and support individuals who seek our help, in their own journey to reclaim their health, vitality & balance in life!


About the Therapist

Cecilia herself was a patient of an Applied Kinesiologist and was fascinated by the results of the treatment and how her Applied Kinesiologist can identify imbalance by simply performing a few muscle tests. As the result, Cecilia decided to explore what Kinesiology (aka Energy Kinesiology) is about and started her first Kinesiology training Cecilia Ling started her first Kinesiology training "Touch for Health" in 2005. During her Touch for Health training, she was amazed by how amazing and powerful Kinesiology actually is as a healing tool and decided to become a Kinesiology practitioner. Since then, she has continued her training and learnt other Kinesiology modalities like Kinergetics, Neural Organization Technique, Hyperton-X, Bodytalk, Psych-K and many more with different instructors from around the world. In 2008, Cecilia started to provide her Kinesiology treatment service and has continued her Kinesiology journey since then. Cecilia is passionate about healing and helping others to live up their full potential. From her experience, Cecilia found working with the body innate intelligence by using muscle test or muscle check is one of the best ways to get to the bottom of any issue or condition.

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