When I first came to Cecilia I was living a life in the shadows. I had suffered anxiety since I was a child and over the years had experienced many exhausting challenges due to it's presence. Around 5 years ago an incredibly traumatic experienced ripped away the last of my reserves. Since then my experience of life has been colourless. My passion for life disappeared along with my sense of safety and I found myself stuck with an obsession that my life was simply doomed. I've seen many therapists over the years both western and alternative but Cecilia is the first one who I can truly say has been able to heal me. The changes I have seen since my first session with her 2 months ago have blown me away. I no longer live in a shadow world, my life is full of colour, of passion and most importantly to me joy. I lacked joy for so long that the contrast between my past and my present seem like two separate worlds. I no longer suffer from anxiety, I feel safe and my obsession is gone. I see a bright future and I feel peace.


Cecilia has been incredible, her insight, wisdom and ability to get to the very core of the issues have helped me to come home to myself.


I recommend Cecilia to anyone who is lost or struggling. Over a series of sessions you will no doubt begin to see changes in your life. Her skills and gifts are unique and the way she works is very intuitive. I found her intuition to be spot on and her manner professional, comforting and kind.


Cecilia changed my life and I can never thank her enough. I know that others will get incredible results if they are able to see her for a number of sessions. It is an incredible experience and offers the opportunity to come home to yourself. What greater gift is there than that.

Johanna L, Client, Wellington New Zealand